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Recommended Time Server (NTP) configuration for ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy and XBee Gateways

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Article Number000005513
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Digi uses two different Time Server (NTP) factory default configurations on ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy and XBee Gateway ZB products:
  1. A configuration for cellular-connected gateways
  2. A configuration for wired Ethernet or WiFi-connected gateways.
The difference is that the Eth/Wifi gateways have 4 x NTP servers configured, whereas the Cellular gateways only have 1 NTP server configured.

Eth/Wifi Gateway NTP server config:
1.    time.digi.com
2.    0.idigi.pool.ntp.org
3.    1.idigi.pool.ntp.org
4.    2.idigi.pool.ntp.org

Cellular Gateway NTP server config:
1.    time.digi.com

Example:  Device Cloud UI screenshot of a ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy - Ethernet gateway's Time Server configuration:

The reason we use a different Time configuration for the Cellular gateways is that although the 4 x NTP server configuration would result in more accurate time-keeping, using the same configuration on a Cellular gateway would result in excessive cellular bandwidth being consumed, and therefore higher cellular bills.

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