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List of Device Cloud Disconnect Definitions

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List of Device Cloud Disconnect Definitions


Reason Given Explanation
* There was a disconnect reason recorded but its become "stale" so set to this instead of empty string
Stale connection found There is a new tcp connection to a device reporting the same device id so this connection was booted
Timed out sending firmware request to device Timed out sending firmware request to device
Invalid Vendor ID The vendor id provided was not 4 bytes, packet corruption likely
Vendor ID Vendor id reported by device does not match any registered
Unexpected data in Security Layer Unexpected opcode in security form, packet corruption likely
Invalid credentials Device password set and device reported incorrect token
Supplied encryption form not supported Supplied encryption form not supported
Closed after reboot Device rebooted
Firmware update complete Firmware update has completed so we disconnect device to reboot
RCI timeout for device After an RCI timeout the EDP connection is closed
Connection reset by peer A RST occurred, meaning the TCP connection was severed remotely from Device Cloud. This could be from when a device or some intermediate networking equipment is killing the connection.


  • A NAT device whose translation table expired the TCP connection from lack of sufficient keep alives, very common in cellular devices whose EDP keep alive is set to high.
  • Device was reconfigured to a new server and a boot action=reset was executed (Digi Connect product specific)
SSL handshake failed Bad SSL handshake, potentially man in the middle attack or bad cert
No keep-alives in X seconds Keep alive threshold was met so device is disconnected
Invalid Device ID supplied Device id provided in security layer did not meet expected format
Disconnect job submitted RCI disconnect job was submitted either by SCI or webui
Reboot job submitted RCI reboot job was submitted either by SCI or webui
Reset sent Firmware reset command sent from SCI or webui
Redirect sent Connection control reset sent from SCI or webui
... OR Session closed Device was disconnected by Device Cloud server but a disconnect reason was not given, common to see around same time as a Server Reset
Server Reset Server device connected to became unavailable. This can happen during maintenance windows or server failure but should not be a problem, the device can connect back in to another system.



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