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How to obtain DEBUG output on TransPort routers through an SSH client

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Debug output is usually obtained through the serial port (ASY0) or via telnet on the router (not SSH).

The options are:
"debug 0"   ->   ASY0
"debug 1"   ->   ASY1
"debug t"   ->   TELNET

To obtain debug output through SSH connect to the router via an SSH client & log in:

 User-added image

Now, from the command line run the CLI command "TELNET" & log in:

User-added image

Now, you can send the debug output to the Telnet port running the CLI command "debug t" to see the debug output:
User-added image
Following an example in which IKE debug is enabled with level 4 (very high) and a IPsec VPN is removed:

User-added image

NB: In order to be sure to have all the debug output without losing old logs, please assure that the scroll line limit of the SSH client  is high (for example 2000). In Putty for example you should go to Change settings > Window to change the “Lines of scrollback” value:

User-added image



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