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How to get rid of 'Transmitter Disabled' message flashing in Digi Dashboard or in M10 debug port

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Problem Resolution
You are getting this mesage because a system command from ORBCOMM satellite has disabled your M10.
To enable your Transmitter you need to have a valid subscription from ORBCOMM.

For Digi M10 JSK customers (P/N:- DG-M10-KIT ), Digi provides 90-day free trial subscription from ORBCOMM.

Digi M10 (Not in JSK, P/N DG-M10 ) customers have to talk to ORBCOMM (service.customer@orbcomm.com) directly for a paid subscription.

Unfortunately, if your modem's Transmitter has been Disabled even when you are in 90-day trial of Digi you can try the following:-

If you have access to Debug Port:-
  1. Connect serial port of your PC/Laptop to Debug Port of M10 in 115200/8/n/1/n.
  2. Do a 2<enter>48<enter>0<enter>
  3. Try sending messages again.
  4. If the problem persists raise a request to Digi here http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/login.jsp? with respective M10 S/N.

If you have access to only Host port (usually DG-M10 Customers):-

  1. Connect to Host Port in 4800/8/n/1/n.
  2. Send '85 13 0A 00 00 30 01 00 B2 7B' from DTE. ('ORBCOMM Serial Specification Rev_G.pdf' Page 36 & 76)
  3. Your modem will get restored to factory defaults.
  4. Send Configuration Command. ("ORBCOMM Serial Specification Rev_G.pdf" Page 18)

This 90-day free trial will start right after you sent your first message from M10 through satellite.



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