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HOW TO: Extract the .ALL Digi TransPort File Using FlashWriter

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HOW TO:  Extract the .ALL Digi TransPort File Using FlashWriter

A Digi TransPort .ALL file is a copy of the Digi TransPort’s full image including all configuration files, firmware files,and any files on the Digi TransPort flash filesystem. These files can be used to re-image a Digi TransPort. 


  1. Download and install the Windows FlashWriter utility from www.digi.com/support.
  2. Open FlashWriter
  3. Select "Eth" as the Comms port and Selecty "Use TFTP"


  4. Under Advanced select “Extract an ALL File…”


  5. If prompted select the IP interface connected to the TransPort (you may see this message if you have multiple Ethernet ports on your PC or are running a VPN client)
  6. Enter the TransPort’s serial number (e.g. 647356)
  7. Enter a filename to create. Choose a descriptive name such as “MyWR11.all”.
  8. The extraction process will take a minute or so. When done you should see a message like the following:



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