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By default Linux kernel logo will be disabled after about 10min. Meaning the screen gets blank. This holds also for custom kernel logos.

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Problem Resolution
In order to keep the logo being displayed, you can pass consoleblank=0 kernel command line during boot (from U-Boot command line prompt):

# setenv std_bootarg consoleblank=0; saveenv

Or during runtime (e.g. with a script in /etc/init.d) disable console blanking via:

# echo -e "\033[9;0]" >/dev/tty0

Console blanking can also be enabled/disabled accessing the display settings in sysfs:

# echo 0|1> /sys/devices/platform/mxc_sdc_fb.X/graphics/fbX/blank

where 0 is used to unblank and 1 to blank the screen and X is the display index.
see ESP documentation chapter 9.17.3 Devices->Multimedia support-> Console codes



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