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AnywhereUSB Host Controller in Device Manager has a yellow warning icon with error code 19

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Article Number000006196
Problem Resolution
This can be caused by a corrupt installation of the AnywhereUSB drivers or administrator permissions were not used when installing the drivers.  
This may occur in any Windows operating system.   The AnywhereUSB config utility will show the AnywhereUSB device is connected to the host computer properly.
Note:   Ensure the AnywhereUSB device has the latest firmware installed before updating to the latest AnywhereUSB drivers.  
When updating to the latest AnywhereUSB firmware, ensure each host computer connecting to the AnywhereUSB has the latest AnywhereUSB driver installed.

How do I upgrade the firmware on the AnywhereUSB?

How do I uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers?

How do I install the AnywhereUSB driver in Windows?

Troubleshooting error code 19
-Reboot the AnywhereUSB device
-Ensure the latest USB chipsets drivers are installed on the host computer
-Uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers and manually remove the AnywhereUSB registry keys
  1. Uninstall the AnywhereUSB drivers and reboot the host computer.
  2. Research the registry for anywhereusb and awusb, then delete those registry keys.
  3. Reboot the host computer.
  4. Try installing the AnywhereUSB drivers with full administrator permissions.
-Reinstall the Windows operating system



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